Thursday, February 12, 2009

Late again

I should know better.

I should always leave a bit extra time to get anywhere. You never know who is going to be driving in front of you.

I even had time. My husband left the house with the girls about 30 minutes before I had to leave. That gave me time to tidy the house a bit and even get some reading done. Reading, unfortunately always takes me longer than I plan on. Especially when it's a good book.

Normally I don't like starting new books, but this book has characters I know from past books so it's easy to get into it. Alexander McCall Smith -- I always think of him as a woman because he writes so very well from the woman's perspective. So I call him "she". She has written a few books about the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and they are quite innocent and humourous. My mom would like them - there's no sex or bad language.

Anyway. I read too long and had only just enough time to get there in time.

I think the car in front of me had two things in it: an out-of-town driver and a GPS thingy. Many blocks before the traffic circle she slowed to a crawl and stayed there, as if by delaying the dreaded traffic circle it would be easier to navigate around it. I should tell you that I love traffic circles. They work if everyone knows how to use them, but out-of-towners seem more than a little intimidated.

All around the circle I was talking this lady as if my parents were driving beside me (out-of-towners, you know).

Signal, no, no, don't switch lanes!...okay, you're doing fine...don't slow down anymore, 30 is already WAY to slow...signal, no, no, don't switch lanes! drive out. Yay! Good job. Now speed up so I can get to choir on time!

By this time her GPS must have told her about the winding road going to the river valley. Shoot. She never got above 45 km/hr even in the 60 zone and I was late for choir.

Again. Sigh...


Rosa said...

That's why all the clocks in my house are set a few minutes ahead! lol.

Evelyn in Canada said...

I spent years doing that and all it did was improve my math skills! After subtracting the minutes to get the REAL time, I was still late. Sigh...