Monday, February 23, 2009


Every year we have a Pajama Party. Pajamas were never involved, but we were to wear comfortable clothes and watch movies all weekend while eating junk food. Lots of violence, Arnie and a few girlie flicks thrown in.

Then kids came along. A couple of us had to entertain the kids and watch Disney movies. And one of us had to bring the kids home early to sleep. One year I drew the short straw and had to take the girls to their beds. I enjoyed the peace and quiet and cleanliness of someone else's home, watching a whole season of Corner Gas while the girls slept. When you live with a baby, sometimes that's all you need for happiness.

We've also evolved over the years from movies and junk food to junk movies and awesome food. And this year we didn't even pretend it was about the movies at all.

The adults didn't even watch one. And it wasn't about the kids. They entertained themselves for the most part. It was about good company, conversation, laughter and food. I did eat some Cheetos and was appropriately given a hard time about it, but for the most part I saved myself for the lemon posset, fried chicken, croquettes, lamb and orange chocolate pie.

I didn't take pictures of the breakfasts, but I should have. Apple waffles with maple syrup and yoghurt and carmel sauce. Yum! And biscuits (with or without gravy), poached eggs and spicy cheesy potatoes.

The food was distinctly adult, but does that smiling face with the fried cheese look like she's suffering?

I can't wait until next year. What new recipes will we get to try? Is it possible to top this years' menus? I'm willing to try.

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Rosa said...

Okay, now I jealous! :)

Tamara Jansen said...

Can I come to your sleep over's??!!