Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sans Boeter

I had a busy day today, but after my meetings were over I had about an hour to get some baking done.

I’d even planned it somewhat in advance (what a unique concept!). I wanted to make Boeterkoek for a Seniors’ Tea on Thursday. Boeterkoek reminds me of my Grandma, so even though these seniors were not Dutch or know what Boeterkoek was, it seemed fitting for the event.

I was totally ready. Almond extract was delivered to me door this morning by a friend because I had run out. Boeterkoek means “Butter Cake” in Dutch and my butter was nice and soft.

I was given this great recipe by my friend Rosa. Both of us are of Dutch heritage, but I apologize for the spelling errors – we were both born in Canada. Boeter is not in our everyday language!

What’s wrong with this recipe though? Hmm… flour (check), sugar (check), eggs (check), baking powder (check), sugar (check), almond extract (check).

I had to pick up the phone.

“Umm, Rosa, how much butter is there supposed to be in your Boeterkoek recipe?” Of course – 1 pound. I should have known that sugar wouldn’t be measured in pounds by my Canadian friend.

And wouldn't appear twice in the recipe!

There. That’s better. There was only one other glitch in my baking today. I used the egg whites, put the yolks down the kitchen drain, and then needed 2 yolks to brush on the top. Oops. I fixed that by breaking another egg and putting the white down the drain. Wasteful, yes, but still the same tasty result.

My grandma would have made these in pie tins and put one half almond on each wedge of cake. I am always rushed and even though it’s not as pretty, a 9x13 pan allows us to sample all of the curved edges that I cut off.



Rosa said...

Looks delicious to me!
Let me know if there is any left over. :)

Janet said...

Hi Ev,
I like to make Boeterkook too - my recipe is from my mom and it is small- makes only a 8 by 8 pan. I like it because it is FAST! I also like how my kids call it "boderkook" :0)

Coralee said...

a great dessert, of course I would have to be domestic in order to bake it and I never claimed to be domestic!