Saturday, February 7, 2009


We all have them, but at one point in our lives we had very little and they slowly built up.

When I was growing up, we weren't allowed to play on Saturdays until we'd done some cleaning in the house. The tasks never got very big and I don't remember doing much more than cleaning my half of the bedroom and dusting a few other areas in the house. I hated being assigned the iron banisters going up the stairs.

We don't have this routine in our house really. Sometimes the fun stuff and the swimming lessons happen first, but the kids do all have some work to do. And some of it is fun and voluntary.

Laura has voluntarily accepted a few tasks. She likes to mop (a handy thing, because I don't!). Today we have a clean kitchen floor!

Both older girls have taken a liking to gardening, especially the exciting part of seeding and then watching the seeds start to germinate. Interest wanes a bit with the daily watering and misting, comes back again when the plants go into the ground outside, and then later the weeding becomes an unwanted chore. But each year the interest lasts longer and I'm happy to share my love of gardening with them.

Laura also has a new responsibility: Ella the gerbil.

Laura makes sure she's fed, played with, exercised in her ball, and ALWAYS makes sure she is carried out to the kitchen to spend the night. For a little thing, Ella is very noisy at night and does not make a good bedroom companion. Good night, little Ella!

And good night responsibilities. Tomorrow is a day of rest.


Rosa said...

I Love a day of rest!
And Ella is sure cute! :)

Evelyn in Canada said...

She really is. And she's company in the kitchen when I work late at night.

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