Friday, February 6, 2009

Lunchin' Ladies

Or is that Luncheon Ladies?

In any case, that's what we were today. Once my youngest started school I thought I'd have plenty of time for things like going out for lunch with friends. To places my kids wouldn't enjoy. To places where the noise of kids is not appreciated.

I never do it though. I'm busy. Or I think I'm too busy, when in reality I have a huge "to do" list in my head and only a couple of things get checked off each day. Often I don't get ahead at all. I just get the meals and snacks prepared, laundry done and tidy up the messes made yesterday.

Today I managed to work for a couple of hours, and then enjoyed the better part of the day with a friend. Why not have fun if otherwise I'm just feeling guilty about my non-productivity?

We looked at clothing too expensive and impractical to buy, I tasted interesting cheese and even bought some. It's a good friend indeed who can enter a cheese shop and share opinions while being lactose-intolerant herself!

Aren't the cheeses pretty?

And we ate.

We ate lovely food in a wonderful old house. We filled up with conversation that never runs out, and we filled up with food we couldn't or wouldn't make at home.

I was reminded of a hilarious dinner with my sister and my wine-tasting partners in Penticton when we finished the meal with coffee and these little Orzo candies, but that's a story that I can't translate well into print. Maybe another day.

And we promised we'd do it again next month for my birthday. Maybe there will be an excuse every month.


Rosa said...

I had a great time!
We are going again next month for sure!!
If you e-mail me some pictures I'll blog about it too. :D

Evelyn in Canada said...

Oops - sorry. Coming at you now!