Friday, February 20, 2009

In which she baked and baked. And then she baked again.

I'm working under the assumption that homemade cookes are slightly better for you than Cheetos. I may be mistaken, but it's whole wheat after all! Surely that makes up for the sugar and butter.

I'm anticipating a wonderful weekend with friends. When friends congregate, food is consumed in great quantity. And I must say it is always great quality as well with this particular crowd, but the planned activities also call for a fair bit of crunchy, addictive junk food and Cheetos are my particular vice.

I'm going to eat the baking instead if I can. And save my appetite for the deep-fried goodness of croquettes and the possibility of marinated lamb kebabs.

I have to keep looking for the site that tells me that all of these things are exactly the right recipe for successful weight loss. You know, something like "Cheetos are now discovered to be the wonder food" and "deep frying your food blocks your body's ability to turn fat into fat".

Maybe that will be next week. For now, I'm going to enjoy my weekend. Laugh a lot, eat a lot, and visit with friends.
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Rosa said...

I LOVE your photo collage! Your pictures look great.
And I'm sure that in all the various bits of trivia I've read I recall one that said Cheetoos were brain food. . .