Sunday, February 22, 2015


A much simpler organization project for today.  Two drawers of mine - my sock drawer and my scarves.

I'm not showing you my sock drawer.  It still isn't pretty, but it isn't overflowing, and every sock has a mate.  That's what I was aiming for.  And my bedroom garbage pail was full.

I should put some masking tape on each pair of socks.  Next year when I will undoubtedly do something like this again, if the masking tape is still there I'll throw them out.  I really usually just wear my black socks.   And the wooly warm ones and handknit ones as slippers.

Other people with lovely closets show how they loop their scarves over hangers or have 5 hooks on the inside of the closet for their scarves.  I have a lot of scarves so that doesn't work for me.

This photo will never appear on Pinterest.  In fact none of my organizing efforts are great examples of anything at all, but it makes me happy that my drawer now opens freely. 

 It's interesting to see your "stuff" in pictures.  This one makes me want to paint the insides of my drawers something bright.  Maybe I'll do that in the summer when I intend to paint the whole dresser.  Hmmm.  Another project to fill the corners of my mind in the middle of the night...

And today I started on a project that might help me out in the kitchen, but it's a multi-day job so I can't show it off yet.  It's funny how one project just leads to the next.  Does anyone every stop and say "That's it.  My house is done." ?  I can't imagine it.  

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Rosa said...

Looks great Ev!
And I've never said my house is done. I can't even imagine saying it. ;D