Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chemicals and guck

Again no before picture.  Give me a break.  I'm working full time and trying to get a few things done without trying to take artsy photos of everything as I go.

And I couldn't have taken a good photo of this anyway.

Under the sink.  Blech!  Full of yucky stuff and there was a bag of bags that constantly pushed the cupboard door open.  I hate open cupboard doors.


Laura and Alice helped after school.  We threw out old phone books and gross BBQ tools.

And the offending bag of bags is now a container of bags.  It still threatens to leap out of the bin, but that new bottle of dish soap is holding it back.

We're not great recyclers, but this is one small thing that we do and it's a win-win for everyone.  A nurse friend of ours saves the linen bags that come into the hospital and used to get thrown away.  They are big, clear bags and great for garbage.  He saves them for others as well, and we haven't had to buy bags for years.  

However, he brings them all tied neatly in knots in another bag, and they loosely were thrown under the sink, always pushing open the cupboard doors.  Packaged that way, they expand to fill (and overfill) whatever space they are in.  This means untying the knots and folding them, but I think it will work better.  

And this was a Pinterest idea that I hope with work.  

The clear bags aren't really meant to be there, but they are a different size that the others (smaller) and I didn't want them mixed together.  And the wax paper kept falling out of the magazine holder.  This idea is just on trial.    Like I said, I hope it works because it also frees up some drawer space where we used to keep this stuff, and we don't use any of it enough to give it prime kitchen drawer space.

Lenten Day Three:  Under the sink mayhem tamed. 

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