Sunday, March 10, 2013

Posture in Edmonton

I was walking down a dry, smooth sidewalk for the first time in months the other day, so I looked up.  I realized that as I walk (as do many), I stare at the ground to make sure I don't step on a) ice, b) a pothole or c) stepping in a puddle.  It was interesting to walk upright, unconcerned about hazards in the sidewalk.

So, I was wondering...

Do Californians have better posture than Edmontonians?

And this is why I don't blog daily.  This is the kind of drivel that fills my brain.


Sigrun said...

I love these existential questions ☺☺

Angela said...

Interesting! I have no idea.. I have never see either walking. :)
I bet both walk beautifully.
It will be somewhat warm here tomorrow and thus it will melt our snow way.