Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another birthday

...and this time it was mine.

And I got the gift of life.  I got 5 baby quails!

For some perspective on size, that food dish is a Tupperware hamburger patty maker. 
Laura decided to give me with some tiny quails and they are really cute.  This is how tiny they are beside a 2-day old chicken.  It looks so big and sturdy compared to my little cuties.

 The goal is to get tiny eggs from them, which should happen in about 4-5 weeks.  I personally can't imagine that quite yet.  

They are definitely not the same as chickens.  Besides their size, they are totally flighty and nervous.  And they don't seem to like to peck.  Like the chickens though, they are growing very fast.  This is after one week, so they are now 8 days old.  

So sweet!  Now I have to find a more permanent home for them.  They are currently in a gerbil cage with a heat lamp on them, but that won't last long and I want them outside once spring arrives. 

Thanks, Laura!

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