Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ruffly Girliness

It's not like me at all to have just a girly purse, but I am a girl after all.  I'm entitled to a few frills.

Made from soft suede, using all recycled materials, including the zippers and handle hardware.  It began life as a suede skirt and I think I took the hardware off a non-functioning backpack. 

Oh, the inside wasn't recycled, but it was donated by a friend and I love it.   I have a matching grocery bag.

I've already found a flaw in the purse though.  While girly and pretty and soft, it's not big enough for a book!  Oh no!  I always seem to have a book with me.  What to do, what to do....


Rosa said...

Love that purse ev! Are you taking ordres? You know I AM a ruffly girly type girl. ; D

Evelyn in Canada said...

No orders taken like this one because there is no more suede left in this skirt. It would be fairly easy to reproduce in a non-fraying felted wool though. Wanna talk?