Thursday, January 10, 2013


I'm glad they prefer homemade, as I probably wouldn't be so good about providing it if it was battle to get them to eat it.  At least I generally know where the ingredients came from and how much is in there.

We made awesome fries in our new fryer last week (don't worry - the novelty I'm sure will wear off before we become statistics).  Problem - We ran out of both ketchup and mayonnaise.  

 First up:  Ketchup. Not hard.  I used Julie's recipe again.

It's definitely different than Heintz, but in a good way.  Would you ever consider using purchased ketchup as pizza topping?  No, I thought not.  This one you can, so if you make too much there are many uses for it.  

Next:  Mayo.  

I like to use our own eggs, and this recipe only uses one whole egg and one extra yolk.  It's a big egg though.

I didn't realize until this closeup shot of my jar that it has developed a crack!  I need some Aussie to send me a case of Vacola jars in different sizes.  Are there any readers out there?   Maybe I'll have to appeal to the Down to Earth forum and see I can make a friend or two.

There.  All stocked once again.  Fries for supper again?

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