Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life in the Mountains

When I showed Beth some of these pictures, her comment was "They make me want to move to the mountains."  There were hardly any for sale, but the realty listings show that anything in Jasper would cost 2-3x what our house is worth.  Luckily I don't want to move to the mountains anyway.

The style of these homes fit in so well with their surroundings and they are beautiful where they are.    

This is the Park Superintendent's house and one of the biggest house in the main townsite. 

They would look odd in my neighbourhood of identical bungalows, but in Jasper they look warm and cozy. I wonder if they are. There was plenty of plastic coating some of those windows.

The last photo is the B&B we stayed at for two nights.  It was nice, but the sheets were silk and we spent all night yanking the quilts to get them to stop sliding off.  Otherwise, I'd recommend Calla's Place to anyone.  The host was very nice and the price was totally right ($60, including continental breakfast). 

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