Friday, March 30, 2012

Latest in eyewear

They told us this was the latest fashion.

Always ones to follow the advice of others, we went for it. 

I'm not sure we're setting any trends here, but that's okay.  We're funky and proud of it. 

After almost two weeks of duct tape and bandaids, I think Yvon would even find these glasses an improvement.

But this is what we really settled on. 

They don't look as funky as I thought, really.  They are a different color than my previous pair, but almost the same size and style.  I wanted "Look-at-me" glasses and I don't think I quite got it.  I'm always more conservative in reality than I am in my head.   I like them a lot though.

And Yvon's are thin and tapeless and seamlessly bifocal.  Much better!

1 comment:

Rosa said...

I think they ARE 'look at me' glasses!
I love them. :D