Friday, July 23, 2010

Magic Hat

Rosa and I met a fellow blogger this week. Almost all of my readers are relatives or close friends, but this is someone I've known only through my blogging and her blogging. And she has things and skills that I don't have. There's overlap for sure or we wouldn't read each other's writing, but she has sheep! And sheep have wool! And wool makes hats!

Laura's trial hat turned out awesome. There was an accidental blob that easily became a lovely flower (we still had our tie-dying stuff out) and like magic, it turned from loose fluffy wool into this beautiful felted hat.

And it fits perfectly!

Perhaps it shrunk a bit more than we thought? Actually, we just wanted to see how thick we needed to layer the wool for our own winter hats. This was always intended for a doll.

Wool also makes yarn, but I'll show you one day how my spinning is going. It would be the warmest, thickest sweater you've ever seen, with that special handmade "rustic" feature (massive blobs) that you'd pay big bucks for!
Thanks for the spinning lesson and the exchange of goods. It was great to meet you!


Unknown said...

Oh, what a marvellous and perfect first hat! A sample hat is a great idea: was this done with the 'ball technique'?

I am so happy I got to meet you too - have been enjoying the jam and veggies and wondering how your adventures in wool are going. :)

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with ... such a creative bunch at your house.

Rosa said...

Cute hat! You guys are farther along than I am, I still have to try spinning.
Now that I' finished with the strawberries I should have more time.
Although I see that Superstore is selling B.C. cherries. . .

(and we still have to do the word verification and I still can't see the word. We'll see if this comment goes through I guess. . .)

Evelyn in Canada said...

AJC: Yes, she did make it on a ball - a tiny ball - and then rubbed it with bubble wrap until it felted. Now we'll have to try it with a ball big enough for our own heads. It has promise!

Rosa: Are you planning to can cherries?