Saturday, July 17, 2010

The harvest begins

I'm always impatient with the garden, but really, it's only been six weeks since I planted seeds outside or moved my baby seedlings.

We're eating a few strawberries a day from our own plants, but it would never be enough for waffles, toast and smoothies through the very long winter ahead. So we went here today.

I must say that my only experience with a U-Pick in the past was terrible. It was difficult to find the strawberries among the stinging nettle and other weeds. I wasn't jumping up and down to try it again, but Rosa was going and I thought I might as well give it another try. The idea of very fresh, organic strawberries was very appealing, but the word "organic" also conjured up images of my last weed-field experience.

This was awesome.
Yes, there are weeds, but there was also enough mulch laid down that after a week of heavy rain it wasn't actually muddy. The berries were great - big and easy to pick with not too many gone bad (considering all that rain we had and the subsequent lack of pickers they've had).

After less than two hours we had 25 pounds of berries and helped Rosa pick another 35 or so.
Now I've process only 1/3 of them into sauce, jam and frozen and have a bunch to go. As the only non-rainy day predicted for another week, Yvon mowed two lawns and I did a bit of gardening and outdoor work as well. We're very tired and ready for bed.
I wonder if I'll ever have enough berries at home for even one small batch of jam. It would sure be nice.

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