Wednesday, April 8, 2009

White/Domestic Manual

I love this manual. This is the reason I bought my second old sewing machine and it's a lovely example of pre-computer publishing. It's full of typos and graphic images that are so representative of ... of... well, they must represent someone.
Every lady wears an apron, as if they've happily interupted their baking to sew a quick little dress. Maybe for the upcoming tea social.

And they are all so expressive. Look how happy this one is to have solved the problem with her skipped stiches.

And this one has either hit a home run or is taking up golf in her sewing room. I think she has higher dreams than what's going on at home. She should consider taking off her heels.

I'm not quite sure what this one is doing. The text says something about "relearing the pressure on the rheostat control". That doesn't help me at all. It looks like she's lost her tape measure or reaching to pick up a bassinet from the floor.

Besides their tiny waists and curvy figures, they all have one thing in common. They are all thrilled to be members of "the growing family of happy owners of the new E-Z-Adjust Stitch Regulator sewing machines".

And so am I.


Rosa said...

love the new look of your blog!

Tamara Jansen said...

what a cute post! I LOVE vintage print work :)

our shipments should start arriving out your way in a little over a week! It's gonna get BUSY around here....

Evelyn in Canada said...

I'll be sure to stop by Costco. I always miss the early good stuff. Now I'm priviledged to have the inside scoop right from the source!

Janet said...

I love the pictures of those little ladies!
That's how I look when my sewing is going well. (well maybe minus the apron and the tiny waist)

Adventures of Deesa said...

Love the little ladies! especially the golf swing one, I rather think she is kind of flexing her muscles!
I alsolike the new look!