Friday, April 3, 2009

In the Land of the Little People

"Spring is coming! Spring is coming!" yelled the Little People.

All week the snow had been slowly receding from the home of the Little People. They still can't quite leave the house via the traditional means of the doors, but it is getting so much closer to happening. There is still an icy mountain to climb on the other side, but escape is now possible.

While they are very happy about the coming spring, the view is disheartening. The carnage left behind by the giants is terrible!

Bits of train track, traffic lights, pallets of bricks, cars and trucks - everything is laying as if thrown carelessly by giant hands. The cardboard box that had provided them with safe boundaries was also in ruins. The worst thing is this:

Little People themselves were still stuck in the surrounding ice and snow, unable to move. Are they okay? The avalanche patrol has been busy in the Rockies for months now and unavailable for help.

Luckily, a few emergency response personnel have been able to enter the house today. They gathered up a few of the town citizens and moved them into the house for some much needed rest and warmth.

In spite of the dirt on the sheets, this Little girl is happy to have a comfortable place to lay her head. Oblivious to the fact that others are still facedown in the ice, she sleeps with happy dreams for the first time in months.
The cook is still MIA, but Farmer Brown has some knowledge of food preparation and is now busily working in the kitchen. He has such a cheerful disposition and is an inspiration to all those who are still in various states of recovery. Way to go, Farmer Brown!

The Little Princess has chosen the cleanest section of the house to live in for now. Traditionally left for the maids and servants, she has bravely overlooked the norms of her world and is patiently and cheerfully waiting in the attic until further help is freed and able to clean the bathroom for her. Water is as yet unavailable.

Hope. Spring is always full of hope, and I am trying to look on these Little cheerful faces in order to face my own giant world.

Here's my hope: that underneath this snow is not a mess of carnage as well. It looks like a clean slate right now, but I know that the giant hands that worked on the world of the Little People have likely done damage elsewhere.


Yvon said...

I love the adventures of the Little People. How many will survive? Will any be forever lost? Stay tuned!!!

Rosa said...


I too love your story and hope for spring!

Adventures of Deesa said...

It looks like a terrible accident has happened! Poor little people!
Love it thanks Ev!

Coralee said...

too fun, thanks for a smile!

Tamara Jansen said...

Spring has arrived here so it's on it's way to you......soon :)