Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014

No snow!  That was the big excitement for me this Halloeen.  Often we have deep snow, deep cold and puffy costumes.

Not this year.

Alice went as Alice-Backwards.  I loved the idea of that.  It looked better during the day when the face on her back was properly tucked in and her backwards shoes hadn't broken off.  And her friend went as a phoenix.   

I don't watch Adventure Time, but Beth went as Fiona.  I loved her hat and the knee-high socks were cute.  She didn't trick-or-treat but wore it all day at school. 

I was told that I was also a Fiona.  Fiona from Shrek, although I wasn't trying to look like an ogre.  Apparently that's what people thought though.

It hurt my feelings.  

 But don't worry. I've got tough ogre skin and grew up in a big family, so I'm over it already.

There were mixed feelings about the hair.  I hated the way it looked but really wanted to not look like myself this year.  At work everyone thought maybe I should die my real hair this colour because it was a good look.  Not gonna happen.  

My favourite this year was Laura though.  I mean, Luna Lovegood.  

All Value Village and homemade or scrounged from her own clothes, she's a great little magician. 

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