Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The season of growth

Every spring the blogging world goes crazy with flower pictures, lovely picnics and cherry blossoms.

Isn't it lovely?  Look at all the vivid colours.


Flowers are just bursting out with colour and lovely perfumes.  Ah, spring!

Okay, that's probably enough sarcasm for one morning.  

But there really is some growth there.  There are tulips poking through, and daffodils, daylilies and dandilions.  And onions.

And in the house I'm growing a new batch of aphids.  Fresh and green and ripe for picking.  

Ooops, there's that sarcasm sneaking back in.  I've never had aphids indoors before and it's ticking me off.  Every day I have to run my fingers along the baby leaves of tomatoes and foxgloves to pick the off and try to keep their numbers under control.  

And I've got these growing in the window and they truly are ready to pick today.

Again, not very colourful, but they were fun.  And fast.  This is what they looked like last week on the first day of emergence.   

Teeny, tiny grey mushrooms.  And the next day:

Significantly bigger. And they kept growing and growing.

 Until today, when they will be brutally cut up and added to a mushroom sauce for our pork chops.  Hopefully they'll be yummy because there will be more growing on the opposite side of the box next week and there should be a few rounds of growth after that.

I don't know why the box says "Kits for Kids".  I've been having fun with it. 


Stoney Creek Homestead said...

I love your sarcasm! Mine isn't any better! I still have a few feet snow on my garden spaces. I keep telling myself next week will be spring.

Can you tell me where you got your mushroom kit from? I have been wanting to grow mushrooms for years. And since we moved here last year, I haven't been able to find any of the edible wild 'funguys'!

Evelyn in Canada said...

The snow is almost gone today, except off of the grass, and that's okay. I'm not in any rush to start mowing the lawn anyway.

I bought the kit at the Earth's General Store in Edmonton a couple of weeks ago. You can order the same kit (since you don't live here) at www.backtotheroots.com. If you are in town, call first because they apparently sell out fast.