Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Job update

I just quickly want to say that I didn't get that job I interviewed for.  Although I wasn't sure I wanted the job going in, by the end of the interview I could totally see myself working there and wanted to spend my days with these people.  I know that it would have been tough to go back to work fulltime, but there was a lot that was appealing about it too. 

The odd thing was, once I knew that there was someone they liked better (better than me!!), it felt like a contest and I didn't want to lose.  It doesn't feel good to lose. 

Oh well.  Life goes on, and I've got a part-time temporary job for the next six weeks.  It's about 4 hours every day, typing notes for a deaf student.  I'm learning a lot about painting vehicles, which is not a class I would have ever chosen to take.  What I'm really learning is that painting vehicles is almost the same as painting rooms.  Primer, seal, top coat, reducers/thinners, drying times, etc.  I do wish it was a math class or something. 

And just because I don't like pictureless posts, I leave you with these pictures of the Ice on Whyte festival that we went to on the weekend. 

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Angela said...

Jobs in the US are very hard to find. Wishing you good luck. Beautiful photos.