Saturday, September 1, 2012

Produce anyway

 So this is an example of what the garden looks like after 5 minutes of hail last weekend. 

 As Yvon said in Facebook, "pooh, pooh and double pooh".  I think he's got Winnie the Pooh on his mind, but I agree with the sentiment. 

 However, all is not lost.  I still have tomatoes ripening (although many have unbroken hail marks on them) and some of the zucchini survived.  Honestly, it's tough to kill a zucchini once it's decided it likes you.

When I went to the produce market to check on peach availability, I found tomatoes on sale that are look nicer than my own, although the taste isn't the same.  6 lbs fo $2 though?  Can't go too far wrong. 

I roasted them with garlic, green peppers and zucchini (why not?) and then pureed them for the most tasty tomato sauce.

And yes, they did have peaches.  54 lbs for about $30.  And now I've got 34 pints and 3 quarts of canned peaches in the pantry.  I was hoping that they wouldn't ripen until today so that Yvon could help, but I had to process them yesterday.  You can't necessarily plan your days when fruit is involved unless you're willing to take some losses.  I'm not willing.

And remember the Taber Corn Fest?  It did involve corn and our involvement didn't end when we got home.   

I think we put 30 meals into the freezer on Monday.

Hail or no hail, we won't starve this winter.

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Pearl said...

Oh, your winter is going to taste like summer. :-)