Wednesday, August 22, 2012


There is so much that is awesome about our mail delivery today.  

  1. I ordered just yesterday.  It arrived in the mail today!
  2. It turns a mason jar into a to-go coffee mug.
  3. I can throw away two lid-less thermos coffee cups away, giving me breathing room in my cupboard.
  4. Maybe I can throw some leaky water bottles away, gaining more valuable cupboard real estate. ReCap turns my mason jars into water/juice bottles.
  5. They re-use something that always sit on my window ledge anyway. Mason jars are everywhere in this house.

I've wanted a cuppow ever since I heard of them, but losing the last Thermos lid this week was the final straw.  Now I didn't need an excuse. 

Isn't that great?  I love it!  We tested it with lemonade.

And this product turns a mason jar into a drinking bottle too, with a closeable lid.  And no leaks!

 Cold drinks don't need a cosy but hot drinks will.  I cut a sleeve off of a recycled wool sweater and took the opportunity to try needle-felting something onto it.  Just squiggles because I wasn't sure it would succeed.  A kind lady at a farmers market gave us two felting needles and we had been a bit scared to try using the sharp needles.

And what do you use under the felting as you are working?  She had a styrofoam pad of some sort, but I was working on short noticed.  The needle seemed to have to go all the way through the wool sleeve in order to work.  I slipped the sleeve onto a zucchini and got to work!  It worked perfectly and it's not as if we NEED every zucchini we have. :-)  A quick rinse and it's ready to go!

A not-so-awesome aside:  a mouse just ran past my foot in broad daylight in the living room!  Ew!  Now I have my feet on the coffee table like any 1950's housewife would do.


Coralee said...

thanks for the review...always love new products, but don't take the purchase leap until I've heard from someone who's actually used it.

Unknown said...

I've been pondering the recaps ... Might need to get a few!

As for the mouse ... You want a kitten? Good mouser stock. :)

Rosa said...

Oh Ev! not mice again!!
I am going to have to be VERY diligent about keeping the screen door closed. . .
And if you weren't so allergic I'd be taking Ms Apple Jack up on that kitten!

Love the jar stuff!

Anonymous said...

I have one of your thermos tops here. If I remember, you can have it back in September.