Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 3 Garden Tour

The rain today meant no weeding or gardening, but yesterday was spent pulling a lot of weeds out of dry soil. 

It's interesting to me how my soil differs around the yard.  The back garden is boring, but the soil is always easy to work with.  It's been a garden much longer than the front has been and the soil doesn't seem to dry and crack like some areas of the front.  I need to continue to use mulches and have started using grass clippings again and leaf mold.  

Here's the garden, as of yesterday.

Back garden

Mostly self-seeded back wall

Climbing beans to cover our front step railing, cabbages and tomatoes

My last perennial bed, with a few basil and tomatoes

My Mother's Day herb pot

Front garden

Somehow it's more appealing than ever to sit here now that the bed is the right shape

Herb spiral

Celery patch

Starting to eat our first strawberries!

View from the city sidewalk.  One of those black pots has become one huge ant hill and I am NOT impressed.

First days of summer spent making Polly Pocket shelters and clothing out of flower petals and leaves.

My favourite prolific poppies

Keeping my pots alive! 

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