Monday, August 29, 2011

Stuff from this week

I rarely take a big-picture photo of our back yard because there is little of beauty there.  However, this is a beautiful sunflower.  It's actually two plants growing mighty close to each other, but both are impressive in terms of the number of flowers on each plant. 

Usually I see little out of my kitchen window beyond the 15 foot above-ground pool.  And it's not pretty.  However, this year the girls all voted in favour of a firepit instead of the pool (we can't fit both).   For a few weeks we lived with just a tractor rim, but we've now covered the rim with loosely stacked bricks.  Much better!

One day the mound it sits on (which is completely level for the pool and made up of clay and sand) will maybe be bricked and look a bit more deliberate.  For the moment, the sand makes this a very safe firepit. 

And this was today's haul from the garden. 

It's all very late, but there's:  beans, peans, turnips, carrots, overgrown patapan, celery and parsley for drying. 

The celery is awesome this year.  Almost like grocery store celery, but it's starting to get slightly bitter.  I made up some soup packages today (onion, celery, carrots) and a big batch of cream of celery soup for the freezer.   A busy day, but it feels good to start getting it out of the garden and into the freezer.

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