Friday, April 8, 2011

Things on my mind and in my camera

It's Random Friday. Did you not know that? I just thought of it while I sit here watching TV on this fine sunny morning. My kids are on Breakfast TV this morning. I wonder who watches tv at 8:30 in the morning?

See? That was random, right? This randomness is mostly inspired by Blogger in Draft, which isn't allowing me to move my pictures around in a logical order. You can think of this post as a coffee break with me. It's approximately how my brain is organized and how the babble might actually emerge.

The snow is melting. Although it seems slow, there is a lot of water lying around so it is definitely happening. The sodden boots, socks and pants are also at an all-time high in this house. I mean, why bother having a puddle if you can't step or splash in it?

I have enough wood to make a proper cold frame, but inspired by a note from last year stating that I'd planted spinach and lettuce on April 7, I thought I'd attempt the same yesterday with this makeshift coldframe. Although not proper (I've never seen a plan involving a plastic shovel), it did get warm under there yesterday. One day I'll do it properly.

Beth stuck this label on her deodorant.

I'm going to have to make her some baking soda/corn starch deodorant. No one should spread "stick o' chemicals" on their body. I didn't think she still had this or used it.

These are the last of my shallots from the garden. Once I moved them out of the cold storage and into a warmer spot, they kept well. They were pathetic and small, but I'm going to plant a lot more this year and hope they do better. I would have used them faster, but there were so tiny and hard to peel the thin papery stuff off. Tasted good, but were a bit of a pain.

The lilacs recognize that spring is coming, but...

...the rest of the yard still has about 2 feet of snow.

Yesterday was "Wacky Hair Day". Perhaps it looks more like "Wacky Face Day". I should have left the tin foil in her hair because the Koolaid dye didn't take.

Last night's supper was fabulous!! The best stuffing I've ever made with sausage and cranberries (inspired by a loaf of very dry bread and a container of cranberries that fell out of the freezer). The squash was also amazing and I hope I get some in the garden this year. The girls ate one Delicata Squash that successfully survived the winter in the cold storage. It wasn't as good as this acorn squash though.

This is the fourth load of laundry on the line this week. It takes 24 hours to dry right now, but I've just started to hang them outside again. No more frozen fingers!

No more pictures, but we've got a lovely, sweet mouse visiting in the house this week. I'm hoping it's a short visit because I was totally grossed out by the idea of them being in my pantry earlier this year. I'm armed with a lot of glass jars for storage now, but I've gotten lax about always using them since they moved out.

I totally forgot my camera when I did my stint with the symphony a couple of weeks ago, but I must tell you that it was a great experience. I wanted to get a shot of the orchestra from behind. It was interesting to see the orchestra up close. Non-fitting tuxes, wrinkly tuxes that the audience wouldn't notice, non-shiny loved french horns. It was interesting to me that they aren't as perfect and lovely up close as it looks from the audience's perspective. That could have dimmed the experience maybe, but I like to be reminded that the musicians are just people like me. And then they play and they are not at all like me. Awesome!

I felt like the country mouse visiting the city though, surrounded by people who were not awed by the presence of talented musicians in a lovely space. I had to quickly make a black jacket because I didn't own anything that covered my pasty white arms. From the front row diva, "A long black outfit is a must for a chorister - don't you own a black jacket or long skirt?" I'm not really a chorister. I just play one on tv. Surely she knew that. In spite of the divas, I'd do the whole thing again, but I don't have time to do it more than once a year.

Last Saturday Rosa and I spent the day at a Permaculture workshop. Although lacking a bit in the practical experience of preserving and gardening, the instructor was a very good teacher. Members of the Permaculture Edmonton group joined us for a potluck dinner and a permaculture video at night. I came home with new inspiration to grow food for my family and work smarter instead of working harder. I've since finally joined my two front rain barrel and bought wood to make potato bins for on my unused sunny driveway.

Well, it's time to go and get on with my day. Breakfast TV is over and I heard my kids sing on screen. Now I have to figure out how to stop the VCR and play it back to them when they get home.

Have a great weekend!

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