Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Bright New Day

I awoke yesterday to a dull, dreary day. It was warm, but the sun refused to shine through my window.

And it wasn't the sun's fault. It was shining, but the 1980's version of a low-e window refused to let it into the house through it's icky film, broken seal and reflective coating.

But NOW...

Look at the difference a window can make? It's lovely! It's inspiring!

When asked if they saw any difference in the living room, two out of three girls (plus one neighbour) thought I had cleaned the room.

It just LOOKS a lot cleaner because it's not so drab in here. I was amazed by many things yesterday.

How much snow had to be removed from the ground in order to work there.
How terribly the old window was put in (it was attached to nothing on the top and held in place by the moldings and exterior framing)
How little difference there was between "no glass" and "good glass".
How quickly two men with the right ability can put in a big bay window. Here about 9:30 and gone by 12:00.

Just for the record, Mom, the installer asked if I had ever been able to remove the screens before. I told I did it once to please my mother and clean them (I think you did it, actually). After he almost had to break the molding and screen to get it out, I asked him to write you a note explaining that I'm not a terrible housekeeper, it just was nearly impossible to do!

Sitting with my papadams in the bright living room, I was inspired to start a few projects. This is what I made yesterday.

The red lunch bag was purchased and apparently can't be washed without disintegrating into it's layers of fabric and foam. So I used it to create two others that should not disintegrate.

The pink one is a bit wonky, but it was my first try and it has a really nice weight to it.

Next up this week: Once more birthday party to host and the first seedlings to plant. Yay!

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Gina said...

LOVE your lunch bags!
Need to try that!