Friday, March 19, 2010

Birthday Gift

Inspired by the invitation of this party, I made a small chef's kit for a 6 year old.

Sometimes it's hard to think of what to make for kids who seem not to need anything, but this is a very grateful, sweet girl and I think she'll love this. The plan today is to laminate the empty menu and provide a dry-erase marker so that she can write her own menu and constantly change it. I don't think she reads yet, but I'm sure she can draw pictures of the food.

It looks better displayed on a live model and Alice was pleased to oblige.


Coralee said...

that's a brilliant birthday gift and so wonderfully done, too!

Teddi Taylor said...

Can I invite your kids to my kids parties so they can get cool handmade gifts?

CG Yu said...

LOVE it!!!!! what a fantastic idea Ev : )

Evelyn in Canada said...

Thanks, guys! And easy peasy to do as well.

Teddy: Go ahead and invite, but I do hope that Zoe's birthday is not it Jan/Feb timeframe! And if I stick around I can eat some of your fabulous cake, right?