Thursday, February 11, 2010

This post has been brought to you by the colour orange

I love orange and it continues to creep into my life. In combination with yellow and red I like it even more.

This is a picture I wanted to try to reproduce. I'm never going to do it really, but it looked do-able, made with torn tissue paper. Really, it's a kindergarten project involving lots of ripping, cutting and pasting.

Uh-huh. Anyone can make art. But maybe not this year.

Anyway this colour combination of red and orange prompted me to buy two frumpy felted sweaters before Christmas. Which prompted me to cut them up and make this:

And Laura commented that even the contents of my new purse matched the purse.

That's not really deliberate, but my new red and orange purse replaced my old orange purse and my notebook matched it perfectly.

I love this purse, but it's not in the best shape anymore. It's dirty where it rubs on my black wool coat and I can't find anything that will clean it properly. And vinyl has it's drawbacks in this cold land of ours. Indoors it is soft, but it freezes solid when I step outside, making the long handle almost unbendable. It reminds me of wet hair in below 0 temperatures. I'm always a bit afraid of it cracking.

And yes, it has cracked in places along the handle and in the corners. It hurts when frozen and I run my chapped, excema-y hands along it by accident.

I'll still use it at times, I think. I've turned it inside out, so now it's green. I've always been happy about the fact that it fits my laptop, my choir folder, unfolded pieces of 8x11 paper, lunches, water bottles, books, indoor shoes, sweaters, tights, 4 litres of milk, etc. Not all at once of course, but it has not yet fulfilled it's life of service.

It's not so much a purse as it is a piece of luggage.

I feel I must comment on the orange soup in the collage. It's Rosa's butternut soup from last week and it was served with this treble clef in it.

Don't you think that if you're going to make impressive art out of cream, that you'd make the effort to actually look at a treble clef first to draw it correctly? I was tempted to reverse it with Picassa, but this is the way it actually was so I won't mess with it. It's still orange, and it's still pretty.

And it was mighty yummy.


Coralee said...

ooooh! love it all orange has been a favourite colour of mine for some time and that purse!?!?!? how lovely!

Tamara Jansen said...

I love the way you dolled up Rosa's soup with a treble cleff! The kids had their festival this week and I filmed their performances. I'll let you know a link if I can figure out how to download the videos. They did amazing!

Evelyn in Canada said...

I love that you thought I was capable of that! That was done in a restaurant. I've been playing and singing all my life, so I wouldn't have gotten it wrong. I would have blobbed the cream in an unbeautiful way though!