Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Baluga remixed

This is what you do when you can't remember all of the words to an annoying, stick-in-your-brain, kid's song. You fix it with your own words. Or you fix it with words that your kids make up and repeat, repeat, repeat while you're camping with them.

It doesn't actually make the song any less annoying, but it produces more giggles.

(All to the tune of Baby Baluga by Raffi)

Baby Bison

Baby bison in the big green field
Runs so wild and runs so free.
Chewing his cud and sittin' on his butt,
Just a big, brown blob on the hill.

Ohhhh, baby bison,
oh, baby bison.
Don't charge at the cars.
Smile at their cameras.
Just sit sweetly...

(repeat repeat repeat)

Baby Tiger

Baby tiger with all your stripes,
You don't play on the organ pipes.
Your job is easier said than done,
But it still is lots of fun.

Ohhh, baby tiger,
oh baby tiger.
You growl lots of times.
These aren't very good rhymes,
But you are nice still...

(repeat repeat repeat)

Baby Puppy

Baby puppy on the comfy couch
Where you play with your pet mouse.
You will frolic and you will bark,
and you will leave your mark.

Baby puppy,
Oh baby puppy.
You are very sweet,
You do lots of eating,
And lots of peeing....

(repeat repeat repeat)

Baby Kitten

Baby kitten in your nice soft bed,
Where you lay and rest your head,
Cuddling and purring with your best friends.
Your fur grows with no end.

Baby kitten,
Oh baby kitten.
You are very cute
You may be slightly mute
And oh so pretty....

(repeat repeat repeat)


Adventures of Deesa said...

you do have some very catchy lyrics there! I can just imagine the girls singing those over and over and over and over! Probably because I would have been one of those kids too!

Rosa said...