Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Lately I've been immersed in a lot of things. 

Apples from my in-laws farm and from OFRE,

which became juice and cider so far.  More apples should be ready this week, but I'm too sick to pick them (just a bad cold or flu, I never properly differentiate them).  They are large and perfect for easy peeling, drying and making applesauce.  I've still got lots of pie filling from last year. 

And now plums, from my in-laws again, and from friends.  So far I have the dehydrator full in a first attempt at drying them, and Laura and a friend made this awesome plum cake.  And I have nine pints of plum sauce that turned out quite well (after adjustments were made to sweeten it A LOT).   

I still have two bags of plums left.  I might try canning some in a light syrup like peaches and we'll see how that works.  I hate to see them go to waste, but the fruit flies are going a little nuts at the moment. 

What can I do with them? 

I'm also immersed in French at the moment.  Beth's homework has become work for Yvon and I.  I realize that many parents have to help their children with homework or with motivation their kids to do their work, but we've been lucky so far.  Suddenly we are drawn in to help. 

On the plus side, Beth is loving her school.  There was really only one day of frustrating confusion, and since then she's found that she understands most of the French if she doesn't let her mind drift.  I knew she was a smarty-pants and would be fine. 


Unknown said...

Yay on the francais. :)

As for the plums ... try saucing them like apples and canning the results (you have a food mill or immersion blender to mush 'em up after they are cooked, right?). You can then use the plum sauce in quick breads, muffins, or whatever ... I'm thinking banana bread with the plum sauce substituted for the bananas. I sweetened the sauce before I canned it (wasn't sure about the acidity of plums and figured sugar would be an extra preservative), so it can also be used as pancake sauce or blendered with yogourt & milk to make a smoothie.

Hey, I'm lazy and stick with what I know. "Cook it down, run it through the food mill, add sugar, can it ... you'll find something to do with it!"

Hey ... if you cook it down and sweeten it before mashing you could make fruit leather, too. Good for lunches, eh?

Anonymous said...

I like making plum cake and than freezing what we can't eat. I'm also going to try roasting them and see what happens. If nothing else, they'll be good on ice creams. Also, there might be recipes for plum chutney.