Friday, September 23, 2011

Hurry up and wait

It's not that I've got nothing to do, but waiting makes me restless.

Waiting for:
  • pears to ripen in their box (35 lbs of them in my living room)
  • tomatoes to ripen in their boxes or on the vines
  • beans to dry up a bit on the vines
  • carrots and beets to use as much sun and moisture as they can in the ground
  • corn to soak up more sun and moisture
  • leeks, kale and chard can just sit pretty for as long as they like
  • ditto for the few cabbages that survived
  • brussel sprouts to maybe do something

It feels like I should be canning.  I should be blanching and freezing.  It's September.  Isn't that harvest time? 

I could just pick and dig it all up now.  I could put the whole garden to rest.

But I don't want to waste the growing weather we've been getting. Still no frost on the horizon and temperatures in the mid-high teens for next week again.  Some things are just so late this year, it seems.  The sun was a little late this year.

What I do have ready to go is basil.  Rosa's basil again, because once again I shaded my basil too much.   Oh, how I'm thankful for Rosa's excess!   I didn't pair basil with tomatoes this year (I learned not to do that last year), but I planted it together with the parsley.   My herb circle.  The parley grew like mad.  The basil did not.  Could not.  Sigh...  Next year I'll plant it in a neat patch all together.   Tune in next year to see how that works. 

So, my next "putting up" project is pesto.  A quick job that hopefully I can do with the kid's help after school.   That will make me feel productive and less restless. 

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