Friday, September 30, 2011


I don't know how much a bushel is, but I think I have enough apples in my house to start measuring in bushels. 

We go through a lot of apples in our house.  I think most homes with kids do.  And the cheap (frugal, thrifty?) person within me cringes when I see apples selling for $1.29/lb while trees all over the city are dropping them to the ground where they remain unused. 

I picked a  few times with OFRE this year, but I don't really need them for apples.  It's still a great concept.  Pick from unused, unwanted trees and divide the spoils between the pickers, a charity and the tree owner.  However, I have a few friends with trees who have more than enough to satisfy my family, the school and a few friends to whom I deliver.  And I can't find enough time to pick any extra at the moment. 

Because I'm busy processing into foods that will store through the winter. 

This is one of my favourite gadgets.  I've seen them at garage sales and if you have an apple source, you really should pick on of these babies up. 

Even if for the sole reason that your kids think it's fun and will help you peel and core. 

In no time at all you go from a bag of apples, to a bowl of twirly apples ready for whatever you throw at them. 

Once they heat up in this format, it takes very little effort to turn it into applesauce with just a few squishes with a potato masher. 

Or with one slice through the apple, you get easy rings for dehydrating.  I used to dip them in lemon juice or citric acid, but I don't bother anymore.  My dried apples don't need to be white.

I'm filling the dehydrator twice a day until I get a few big bags of these.  The apples themselves are more tart for me to enjoy right now, but they taste great dried. 

And because these particular apples are hard and tart, they are good keepers.  Last year I kept them fresh until sometime in November.  They started to look a little wrinkly, but I liked the taste of them better at that time.  That means there really is no pressure to do anything with them at this point.

My pears, on the other hand, are perfect today.  I'm going to see how many of the 35 pounds I can can today.  With a dash of vanilla in each jar.  Lovely.

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