Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Winning the Lottery

A friend of ours says that you can't win the lottery if you never buy a ticket. That is the only vice he claims to have: 1 lottery ticket every week.

It would definitely increase your chances of winning that kind of lottery, however I say that there are other lotteries worth winning and your chances are much higher as well.

The only lottery I ever enter are of the blogging kind.

I used to enter every giveaway that the Pioneer Woman offered (because who doesn't need gift cards from Amazon, pink KitchenAid mixers or her beautiful castoff jewelry and cameras??), but the chances of winning anything there are getting more and more slim all the time. When I first started entering, maybe 400 people would enter with me. In her last giveaway there were 14,669 entries, and it was for baby stuff which is not universally needed or wanted. I've stopped entering there.

The first blog giveaway I won was this spring when I got this in the mail.

Now I'm not sure why you need your shampoo and lotions to be gluten free. Do people swallow their shampoo by accident? Does gluten get absorbed into your skin and affect your intenstines? On the other hand, why is there ever gluten in our shampoo? I don't get that, but I like the Green Beaver products. And they were free because I won them on a blog giveaway. Beth never responded well to the baking soda shampoo regime, so I imagine she'll be using these the most. I also use real shampoo at least once a week, but I'm avoiding anything with silicon in it because baking soda can't clean that out of your hair. This Green Beaver shampoo qualifies for me as well then.

The second (and much better) giveaway I won was last night.

I got 19 bags of compost from a blogger who simply wanted it all taken away! That was awesome! Last night I took one trip with Yvon and we shovelled together, filling bags and heaving them into the van. Then I followed up with a trip with Alice, who was more interested in the broom than the shovel so I had to do almost all of the work myself. Oh well. It was worth it and when it stops raining I'll finish planting all my seedlings and topdress everything with healthy, growth-inducing compost. Yay!

Thanks, Valerie!

I've never won more than $10 with a lottery ticket, so I'll continue playing my way.


life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

Oh Crap! That sound wonderful!! Glad you like shoveling it. That is a daily task here, not one of my favourites. I purely understand her wanting it gone.

Evelyn in Canada said...

Aw, but it wasn't crap this time. It was City of Edmonton compost (rather than pig/cow/chicken manure scooped out of a barn) and lovely stuff, neatly piled on her driveway, purchased in excess of need.

Oh, come to think of it, it is "crap". The city composts humanure into the mix!

Rosa said...

19 bags!!!
Holy cow that's a whole lot of shoveling!!
and I did not know about the humanure thing. That's interesting. I may think twice about eating out of your garden though. . . lol

Unknown said...

The city composts humanure? I call for a reference for such a statement, how totally cool is that!

Should you ever run out of compost, just send me a note. ;) I'm a long drive away, but I have a pretty much inexhaustable supply!

Tamara Jansen said...

That's one BIG giveaway! Congratluations....I think :)