Monday, May 16, 2011

Flight School and Granola Bars

I spent Friday with Beth's class at a flying school.

I figured it might be one of my last field trips with this class. Ever. I can't believe they will all be splitting up and going their separate ways next year to deal with junior high. I've been field tripping with these kids for 7 years and it's almost over. It made me sad.

They are a great bunch of kids and they have definitely grown up a lot over the years. I always dread the bus rides because of the chaos and mayhem that usually ensues, but this was relatively calm. There were iPods keeping some quiet, but mostly they were just quietly talking, drawing, reading, joking. As opposed to jumping on their seats, yelling, screaming, falling into the aisles. That's what I get with the Grade 2 class and these kids were no different 4 years ago.

The other reason I wanted to go was because this field trip hadn't been offered before. It wasn't a typical school field trip but it tied in really well with their unit on flight (of which I know nothing).

They spent the morning studying and then they got to sit in the planes.

They found out how to read all of the different navigational things and touch all of the levers...

And then they got to fly one of the small planes.

Well, no. That would be perhaps death-inducing.

However, I almost got to go up in one. I can't believe how they got my hopes up (twice!) and dashed them to the ground again (twice!). We ran out of time, unfortunately, and no one got to do any flying. Poop. They had no idea how much I wanted to go up in the air in a tiny plane. If this trip is offered again to Laura and Alice, I'm going along just to make it happen. The instructors will get better at their timing over the years, I figure.

While there I chatted to Beth's teacher about gardening and cooking and the stuff that makes up a big chunk of my life. This recipe is for her.

I didn't really have a recipe for granola bars until this morning. I just mixed things up until they had the right amount of stickiness to hold together. Now I know how much honey and egg it takes to make it happen.

I do have a disclaimer though. She said she'd tried many recipes in the past and hadn't found one she liked. Check out the range of granola bars in the grocery store. There is almost a whole aisle of them, so obviously one recipe does not suit all people. I do hope this helps her or gives her a place to start experimenting though.

Granola Bars

4 cups of granola (mine can be found here)

1/3 cup honey or molasses (I use honey)

1/3 cup chocolate chips

1 large egg

Mix together. Scoop into muffin tins and bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

My muffin tins make the perfect size for putting 2 in a small canning jar for lunches. I have tomorrow's snacks already packaged up.

These are really good with a small scoop of pea butter (or peanut butter) into the mix too and I really wish I hadn't eaten all of the caramel that Yvon made this weekend. That would have been awesome drizzled over the tops.


Coralee said...

looks yummy!

life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

Thank-you for this recipe. We go through a lot of granola bars ( cakes!) here and a new recipe is always appreciated.So going to do some bush wack planing soon? My second son does this for a living, and I can't even get two of my younger ones on a ladder let alone in the air. What an experience you have on this trip.

Glad you could see in my blog.....finally!