Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whipped cream experiments

Bloggers always only show you their successes. Everyone has enough snippets of success in our lives that we can all look perfect in a blog.

But you guys mostly know me, have seen my weeds and my messy house and my unbrushed children.

I have yet to make a successful batch of gluten-free cookies. I don't like to bake if I can't partake, so the kids have eated a lot of Girl Guide cookies. There comes an end to that though and I need to figure out a few "staple" recipes that require little thought. One of our favourites with wheat is ginger cookies, the kind you roll in sugar and they crack a bit while baking. So I tried ginger snaps yesterday.

Hmm, they definitely have a rice/corn consistency but they taste good. Unexpectedly they spread over the entire baking sheet into one giant lacey cookie. We broke them into pieces and dipped them in cherry whipped cream. Mmm.

Next time maybe I'll roll them while warm and fill them with cream. They are that kind of cookie. Not what we wanted yesterday though. Oh, well. I'll have to keep looking for a staple cookie. This isn't it.

This was more successful, although it was finally clear to me what foodies mean by "mouth feel".

This is the whipped cream with raspberries that we froze, thinking it would be easy ice cream.

It froze rock hard, but after sitting on the counter for a while we were able to scoop some out. It tasted great, but it has a greasy kind of feel on the roof of your mouth. It wasn't a bad experiment though and I'd do it again in the absence of an ice cream maker. That's an appliance I wouldn't really make room for unless I had a cow and excessive milk.

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