Saturday, November 20, 2010

More learning

Remember these?

And these cute things?

Well, feel free to make them because they are really comfy and warm and easy to make. I just made myself another pair tonight while watching two episodes of House online.

However, I've made a slight change. I needed a new pair because I wore my last pair out very quickly. They are just felted sweaters after all, and not meant to be stepped on, slid over hardwood floors, stepping on and through the dust and debris that seem to cover our floors in spite of daily sweeping.

Leather soles. Hopefully that will work better.

I think I can save the cute tops of Laura's slippers and just re-sole them. If you've received a pair of these slippers as a gift, I apologize for their short life. Life is a learning process and sometimes I fall a bit short of perfection.

All the time actually. Expect it.


Rosa said...

I'll keep that in mind! lol ;)

Evelyn in Canada said...

As if you didn't already know!

Janet said...

Those are really a great idea! The black sheep/white sheep ones are very fun. :0)

Patty-Jean from LittleQuiver said...

You read my mind! I've been preparing to cut up some felted sweaters for these very projects...just been humming and hawing over what pattern - this looks like the one! thx!!!

Evelyn in Canada said...

Janet: Thanks! Laura loved them too, but with their new leather backing they don't have much stretch and they've moved down to Alice.

Patty-Jean: Tis the season for warmth in our homes, especially in drafty old houses like mine.