Monday, November 8, 2010

The missing Beale

It was an odd feeling on Friday as our piano was taken away.

It felt kind of like it was being repossessed or something, like it wasn't really my own choice.

It was maybe a bit too fast. On Thursday a new home was found for my lovely Australian oak piano and on Friday it left. I think some adjustment time might have been nice, but a little girl was made very happy and I'm glad about that. I hope she learns to play beautiful music on it.

Although I've never loved the sound of this particular instrument, I played it a lot. I remember my Mom calling me in Melbourne just after Beth was born. I was playing this piano while Beth slept in her bassinet beside the seat. She could sleep through anything at that age. Later I wasn't able to play so often because she insisted on sitting on my lap and banging on the keys while I tried to play.
Laura and Alice have never shown a lot of interest, but they would let me accompany them in their choral concerts in the living room.
I think I've only lived without a piano for a few months since I was about 8. My electric keyboard was my first major purchase after moving away from home. We bought my first "real" piano as soon as we owned a house and thought we would settle down and stop moving. Then we prompted moved overseas and I bought this old Beale piano there because I knew I couldn't live for a few years there without a piano. Weight was not an issue in our overseas move back home, so the Beale travelled across the ocean to Canada in a wooden box that is now our kitchen bench.
It's a weird, empty feeling somehow to have it gone and I miss it already. It won't last long though. Plans are being made.


Tamara Jansen said...

Oh, that's rough! Junior really misses having a piano at his house too!

Hope you get a replacement soon.

Unknown said...

Come visit. There is an antique upright grand here that, although I have good intentions, has not had anyone touch the keys for far too long. :)