Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alice's Day

She doesn't know it, of course. Laura and I spent the day making Christmas presents for Alice.

Laura made a doll that looks inspired by a Cabbage Patch doll. She took a book out of the library at school with doll patterns and now all the girls in the class want to make them. She invited a friend over today and at the end of 3 hours, both girls had made cute dolls for their little sisters. I expected to be asked a lot of questions and they made them here because I'd be on hand to help them. They didn't need help. I love their independence!

Tomorrow the book goes back to the library for another friend to take home.

I wish I had thought to take a picture before Laura hid hers away and her friend took hers home.

Oh well. I do have this to share.

Alice wanted a bird wheat bag for Christmas, so this little guy is here to stay. It's the first cute wheat bag to find a home in our own house instead of being gifted away. Parts of this birdy are still the remains of the old orange and red felted sweaters I started hacking up last winter, and the brown is cashmere wool from a coat I made years ago. It feels lovely and warm. And that's before you put it in the microwave.
And now the kids are no longer allowed to view my site until after Christmas.

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Rosa said...

That is sooo cute Ev!