Friday, November 5, 2010


"If I die..." said Dave, chasing a snow pea around his plate with his
"When you die," said Kenny.
"Whatever," said Dave. "If I die. When I die. What's the difference?"
"Acceptance," said Kenny.

He's right.

We all knew that she would die, but we were still caught off guard when it happened. Yesterday Laura discovered her little gerbil, Ella, hadn't made it through her day. For a gerbil, she had reached her natural age span of about two years, but it still hurts a little girl to lose her first pet.

And it hurts a mother to see her little girl crying like that. It's a different cry than when she falls down, or when she's tired. It makes other people cry with her. Laura, Beth and I had a good cry after school.

After she calmed down, she said "Can you read me some Stuart McLean?"

She could have used the moment to get a trip to McDonald's or to eat some consolatory chocolate, but she asked for Stuart McLean. Laura, you know better than I what will make your heart feel better. A cuddle on the couch and some laughter. You're so wise.

The funeral is today after school. Laura will be painting a rock to place under our nanking cherry bush and then we'll only have Ella memories.


Tamara Jansen said...

How I remember trying to nurse an ailing hamster from the jaws of death when my kids were young! So glad that phase of life is over :)

Coralee said...

awwww! My sincere condolences!

Rosa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Ella!
But I am glad that I just lent you my new Stuart Maclean book!
It's not something I would have thought of though. . .

BumbleVee said...

hugs to your Laura...

it always hurts to lose a pet .....I don't care how old we get.....