Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still Here

It's just that time of year when there is so much to do. And on top of it all, we had a nasty computer virus or malware or trojan or something that wouldn't let us open any applications except a porn and viagra sites on the internet. Lovely.

Anyway, it's now fixed.
We saw plenty of this along the highway this weekend.

I don't know what it is, but with that kind of inspiration, who needs viagra?

I'm just sayin'.

So.... We just had an awesome weekend with family in the sunny Okanagan valley, where spring has definitely settled in. The flowers were all blooming and the sun was shining. There was love,

and lots of laughter,

and tears,

and bonding of young and old alike,

and food,

and a chocolate fountain (you can dress 'em up, but don't let them near a chocolate fountain or they are bound to lick the chocolate off their dresses rather than waste the drips),

and there were definitely cute little voices in the house.

The computer is all fixed now and we're back on schedule at home. I may be behind the schedule, but at least I've seen the schedule.
This weekend is the plant exchange at the community league, so I know I have some work to do or I will have nothing to donate.
And I'd better do laundry or we'll all have nothing to wear and no one wants to see that. I'd be posting pictureless posts, that's for sure.


Bonita said...

Great photos Ev!! I'm definitely going to want some of yours because I didn't really take that many this weekend! And the plant is skunk cabbage, I think. It's everywhere around here.

Rebekah said...

I am a lurker no longer! Now that I've met you in person it's not so weird to leave a comment. Is that weird?
I'm not quite at the grind-your-own-wheat-for-bread stage yet, but I do like making bread and not having to buy it, and I like sewing when my machine isn't acting up.
There's lots to read on my blog ( I read it all the time) if you care to.
It was nice to meet a fellow blogger. You're the first!

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sharleen said...

cg said...

great photos ev! i especially like the candid photo taken of jade falling, the expression on her face and on laura's speaks volumes. love your girls ; )

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