Monday, May 31, 2010

Fields of Flowers

Although I've mostly been planting vegetables, there is room in my mind for flowers at the moment as well. There's usually room for at least two things at once in my little brain.

Last week we picked bags of lilacs.

Why so many? Because the Russians think vodka is a cure for anything, and this time, it's an arthur-itis cure involving soaking lilac petals in vodka for a few months. I'm feeling a bit old lately, so we picked some for our Russian friend and enough for a batch of our own cure. Apparently you soak it for three months in a bright spot (like a window ledge), then strain out the petals and use the lilac-infused vodka as a rub on your aching joints. It's a pity that the lilac scent does not remain in the lotion. "Vodka cures and kills anything", she told me.

We've had a visitor on and off for the last two weeks who is allergic to many scents, so I've missed some of the lilac season, unfortunately. But she's gone now and I'm going to refill my vases.

Laura has been busy playing with the settings on our camera. I generally keep it on "auto" still, but she's been fooling around with manual, macro and vivid settings. The rainy/snowy/sleety weather created great lighting for some outdoor shots.

And this field of flowers was delivered to our house last week, right when I needed some warmth.

It represents many hours of ballet lessons, swimming lessons, tv viewing and waiting for kids at events and parties. But it also represents friendship. Sheila taught me how to crochet this year. We sat together in front of my little electric fireplace, talking about everything and learning to doube-crochet and make granny squares. I've made three hats, many wristwarmers and two purses, but I haven't mastered a star shape yet and this would have taken me years to finish.

There will never be enough bread coming out of my kitchen to thank you enough!

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Bonita said...

Wow... love the gorgeous poncho!!