Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Daily Mail

Dear Darvonda,

Please remove your bedding plants and baskets from every aisle at Cosco! When I'm in a rush to pick up my block of butter, it's unexpected to see hanging baskets there, blocking my every step. And the aisles are not marked with appropriate one-way postings. That would be helpful because there is only room for one cart per side, and very annoying for it to be blocked by a label-reading, bi-focal needing senior.

Yours truly,
The plant-lover but butter-needing-rushed shopper


Dear God,

Please melt the snow and show us a little of the soul-warming sunshine that we would like to see at this time of the year.

As an added bonus, that would help Darvonda to remove their plants from the Costco aisle and into the garden centre where they belong. And frankly, they look better in the sunshine than under the flourescent lights.



Dear shoppers,

Please adjust your expectations of an Edmonton spring. Snow happens every year in May and yet you expect to enjoy the earlier spring shared by our BC neighbours and our southern US neighbours. Why do you think you will get this? Do you think your good behaviour this year will change God's mind about the gardening zones? That this year He'll make us Zone 6 and your Mother will be able to enjoy her early patio planters on Mother's Day without fear of frost?

May in Edmonton is cold and unpredictable, but God did give us a gardening zone system to help us out. We are in a zone that quite clearly says don't plant tender annuals before the last weekend in May. Gardening Centres are doing their best to accommodate your demands for an earlier spring, but now they are stuck with stopped shipments and blocking indoor aisles of supermarkets. Just because you are ready for spring, and the garden centre is ready for spring, God is not ready for a frost-free spring until a bit later.

Stop being shocked by this and shop appropriately!

Yours truly,


Rosa said...

I had the same problem when I was there. I kept bumping into the same lady and we decided each isle needed to me marked to let us know which way to go.
I have to say though. . . When it comes to why this stuff is being sold so early, I'm pretty sure it is the store trying to convince us we need plants early rather than consumers demanding it.( and if the first batch dies and we have to come back for more. . . well they wouldn't mind that either I'm sure!!)

Unknown said...


Yes indeed, God gave us garden zones for a reason... pay attention, people!

If you want spring earlier, use a cold frame or a hotbox. Hmphm.