Friday, August 21, 2009

Missing Persons

It's been a sad week. A week of necessary cleaning and looking under beds.

Slider is one of the absolute favourites among the many stuffies in this house. He stands apart from the rest. He has a long history and so much love. I will continue to speak of him in the present tense because he must be here. He never leaves the house without Beth. And as he ages (like many people), he leaves the house less often than he used to.

In his very early days, he traveled across the ocean to be hand delivered to Beth. He was almost the same size as she was then. but he was one of the first toys she really liked and we started placing him in her crib with her, starting a long tradition that continued until last weekend.

If she's ever allowed only one toy to bring camping or to a sleepover, Slider is the one chosen. And now we have to leave the light on for Beth to go to sleep at night. She loved it totally dark last week. With Slider to protect her, who needs a light?
I found this a few months ago. He's the only toy to warrant a special mention in her will.

If you're reading this, Slider, please come home! You are sorely missed.


Rosa said...

Maybe Jada should come over for a good sniff. There's nothing she's better at than finding stuffies she's not allowed to play with!
Hope slider comes home soon.

Bonita said...

Oh no! Anyone who has a child who loves a stuffy to that extent, knows what you are all going through right now. If Simon ever lost his moose, no one in this house would sleep again....I dread that day. Let us know when you find him!! (That will is too precious, oh my word!)