Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Many Pounds of Asparagus

What do you do when someone gives you many pounds of asparagus? 

You say, thank you.  Thank you very much!

Then you proceed to chop and chop and chop and boil it up with some chicken stock and some salt. 

That's about all it takes to make a great batch of asparagus soup.

Whiz it up in your blender (or in small batches in my Magic Bullet) and freeze.  It's pretty concentrated, so each pint jar equals about two lunches for me and one for Beth once I add some milk to it.  We're the ones who like it most.   I don't like what milk does when frozen, so I always add it my soups later.  It's great to eat asparagus soup in the winter when I don't want to buy the out of season stuff.

It's probably too late for this advice, but at the end of spring watch the farmer's market for big bags of odd-shaped asparagus.  It sells relatively cheaply and still tastes great.  This bag was $15 and made 9 pints of soup plus two meals of steamed asparagus for the family.  Yummy!

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