Sunday, July 3, 2011

Easter Seals (post mortem)

I seem to be running out of blogging energy.  I've got ideas in my head, but they don't get onto the screen and suddenly weeks go by with nothing to show here.  Sad, really.

But I knew I had to do a post about the Easter Seals to thank everyone for their donations.  Yvon raised his personal best this year and that's awesome.  To my mind, the event seems to dwindle in popularity in competition with the many breast cancer events and other health-related fundraising events, but it sounds like they did fairly well with donations, so all is well for the handicapped kids who benefit from this.  Thanks, everyone!   

The theme of the event was the Silver Screen.  Our contribution to the decor in the corporate tent was this lovely Oscar Award. 

Recognize him?  He is Barbie's lovely boyfriend, Ken.  We had a headless Ken and a one-armed Ken.  Combined, shaved, head plastered (to get rid of unwanted stubble), primed and painted, and he now looks like an award anyone would be honoured to be nominated for. 

You wouldn't actually want to take him home and put him on your mantle!

We didn't take pictures of us walking or camping in the rain, but let's just say it was a pretty soggy weekend.  It didn't stop it from being fun though, and personally, I'd rather walk in the rain than in the heat we've had in past years.  It was quite lovely.

Some indoor tent pictures...

And a cold, late-night picture.  Alice didn't quite make it to our midnight walk.  She had a good sleep though.

Beth and Laura entertained us around our makeshift campfire with Girl Guide repeat-after-me songs and silly songs.  It was too rainy to have a bonfire and not exactly safe to have a fire in our tent, so we improvised a bit.   

And then we walked our midnight shift and it was really peaceful.  Still drizzly, but nice.   Can you see Beth sitting by the pond with the lit fountains?  They looked like fire at night.

In spite of the wet weather, it was a great start to our camping season and I'd do it again without hesitation. 

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