Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Bathroom Update

It's still moving along.

We've had our 14 days off of progress in order to travel and visit and celebrate Christmas and the New Years. But that's over now and work has to continue again. Everyday something has to get done in there to keep it moving.

It looks kind of artsy right now with the door leaning against the wall. I like that, but it can't stay that way. It needs shortening, hanging, frosting and painting. I think I'll hold off on the frosting until the last step in case I like the glass clear and don't care if people see my toothbrush and Q-tips and brushes. That way I'll be able to see the aluminum backing better too.

So, while I like the looks of it now, clearly it's not very functional yet.

The vanity is missing a little something. And so is the bathtub. The toilet, however, is up and running. If you have no privacy issues, that is. The door is not on it's hinges yet.

It's a small room, so getting a shot of the vanity, mirror and lights was not easy. This is my angular attempt at fighting the Victorian look that the clawfoot bath so often is associated with. This is not a Victorian house and I am not trying to turn it into one. I'm hoping the straight edges and stainless steel make it look a bit more modern. I'm particularly pleased with the silvered frame I painted onto the existing mirror. It goes well with the vanity legs and light fixture.

Today's task for moving forward was to cut the vanity top and shorten the French door, but the vanity is really heavy and I think I'll wait until Yvon is home to drag it to the kitchen (our construction workshop area for the cold months). That still counts as "today".


Stoney Creek Homestead said...

I like the tub and the door. They both look great!

Unknown said...

I have a fire engine red cast iron tub (with white feet) in my most assuredly non-Victorian bathroom (Ikea vanity, Home Depot shower enclosure).

I still like it. :)

Yours will be lovely, I'm sure!

Unknown said...

Oh yeah - bubble wrap squares affixed to the glass by the simple expedient of spraying the glass with water/windex and smushing the bubble wrap in place - will give you privacy until you get the frosting thing sorted. :)

Coralee said...

looking great - can't wait to see the final product, though I'm sure you're looking forward to it more than anyone!