Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One month later

I have no pictures to share today, but I was reminded that I haven't been posting lately.

That's because I'm busy. One month ago we ripped out the drywall in our main bathroom and today we still have no drywall. That's not technically true. The drywall is leaning again the wall in our hallway, weighing a ton and blocking off the wardrobe where I keep my boots and any changes of shoes. I'm kind of wanting my boots right now.

We still have no bathtub, but that's not true either. It's in the backyard filling with snow, although I have started sanding down the sides and scraped all of the paint and silicone and drywall plaster from the enamelled parts. I'm excited about it, but it really has to be carried indoors now so that I can continue.

The toilet and sink are still operational, although that has to change soon. We need to replace a few of the floorboards and make sure we have subfloor everywhere (there wasn't subfloor under the original tub). Then I'll be excited to see some new hardwood and tiles go down.

The new sink and toilet are in the living room. I hope to find someone to alter slightly the stainless steel base for the sink and we carried a piece of heavy countertop into the house today.

I'm totally uninspired by wall tiles at the moment, but I think I found some circular mosaic tile today and some rectangular tile for the walls.

A neighbour is looking into getting some sheets of steel for the back of my storage shelves. For some reason I have my heart set on that detail, but it's hard to find. Otherwise I'll paint the wallboard and put a shiny piece of glass in. I want shiny.

My brother-in-law promises to visit soon to update some of our old plumbing and make sure that the plumbing is where it is supposed to be for the new fixtures. We can't close in one wall or do subflooring until he does his stuff.

So, there's nothing to show, but some framing has been going on and lots and lots of shopping. It's frustratingly slow, but life continues to go on around us. Meals, music lessons, more meals, church events, visiting friends in Calgary, trying to keep the house running and functional and the tiniest bit tidy. It all takes so much energy that there isn't much left for renovations.

My mind whirls with the project planning though, so everyday I try to progress just the tiniest bit. And at the end I can be proud of what we've managed to do. I'll show some pictures when I've got something to show.

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Tamara Jansen said...

Living in the middle of a reno is no fun. No fun at all! Hope you get through it soon :)