Saturday, October 30, 2010

Elephants and Mice

Little mice. You wouldn't think they'd be scary would you? But this little wheat bag is very scared of them.

See how his eyes are rolling? He's totally freaked out.

Oh, don't turn your back, little elephant! Those little mice might sneak up from behind, take a bite out of your felted wool behind and feast on your wheat!

This little wheat bag was a quickly made gift for another friend and has left the house in happy anticipation of living in a house with cats. No mice for this little guy.

But me? I have to go to bed early if left alone because the mice scamper once the lights are turned down. I haven't seen signs of them in our food yet, but we've definitely seen one in the living room and heard one squeaking behind the fridge. Is it alone? I'd love to think so, but I'm thinking not.

Anyone got a hypo-allergenic hairless cat I can borrow?


Unknown said...

Just real cats, although they are good mousers! The gray plastic snap traps work really well - I think I got mine at Rona. Peanut butter for bait.

If it snaps and the victim isn't completely finished off, a bucket of water is a helpful tool to have nearby. Awful, but effective.

Best of luck - I HATE having mice in the house. Which is why I have so many cats....

Evelyn in Canada said...

I've only managed to get one mouse in the house with the trap (tons were caught over the summer in the garage). Yvon tells me that the ones living in houses are always smarter!

We're allergic to both cats and peanut butter, but pea butter seems to be a good substitute. I'd try to catch the stray black cat around here, but I've been warned that it may try to scratch my eyes out. Not a risk I'm willing to take!