Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy weekend

It began with our anniversary. And I forgot it! Yvon didn't.

I've been getting headaches and a runny nose from the beautiful lilies in the bouquet, but I love them so I'm dealing with it.

We celebrated by taking the kids (plus an extra one) to Movies in the Square, an outdoor movie theatre downtown. It's right within view of this cool building, the art gallery. That would have been too grown-up for this group.
We watched Marmaduke. I don't know in what world that is a suitable way to spend your anniversary, but it was fun.
The view was nice though.
We ripped out the bathtub on Saturday, but that's the only progress we've made there, but that was harder than we thought. Whatever. It's out and now we can see what goes on in the girl's bedroom from upstairs through the floorboards. Any progress is a good thing. And I may have lined up a plumber in Yvon's brother. Yay for free help!
I've been seriously missing taking baths, so we went to the swimming pool (one with a hot tub) afterwards to be sparkly clean for Sunday.
It was a gorgeous day on Sunday, so in the afternoon I dragged two girls out to the ravine for a nice walk. They loved it once they were there.
They climbed the creek banks many times. Sometimes I did too, until I gained too much weight on the soles of my shoes.

I chose to cross the creek on the bridge. "C'mon, Mom. Where's your sense of adventure?" Where's my sense of balance? I went with the dry foot option.
On Monday we ate turkey. Lots of turkey. And saw lots of family, but only because it's a big family. It was a busy weekend but I love it when we fit a lot of stuff in.

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